What Kimmie Can Do For You


Child's haircut / trim

$45 - 60

A child is allowed to be stylish too. Whether you want a fancy hair-do or just a simple trim for your child, Kimmie knows how to handle a child's cut professionally. The price ranges for different ages.


adult's haircut

$70 and up - depending on hair length

$20 - discounted blowout when accompanied with the haircut

Need to clean up those split ends? Or just want a cleaner look without changing your hair too much? Get a trim today!

Or want a drastic change to the hair? A bold, daring short cut or a warm wavy style? Maybe add in some layers. 




Feeling a little bright? Dark is fine too. Any color you want, in any style you want: balayage, ombre, etc. Just let Kimmie know!



Bang trim - $20

Braids - $35 and up 

Anything else that you Googled and want to try out, bring it to Kimmie and just ask - she'll help you look more than just fabulous.




A job interview or a formal event today? Or if you just don't feel like dealing with the frizz, get a blowout!